Friday, September 12, 2014

First sign of fall

I am so freaking excited!  Take a look at the view from my back door.

Do you see it?  No?  Take a closer look.

The leaves are starting to turn!  I am so excited!  I love fall.  No, that's not really accurate.  I LOVE fall!  Love, LOVE, LOVE it!  Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year.  I like it even more than Christmas!  In the fall, the nasty humidity goes away.  The days are still plenty warm but the nights cool off.  The green leaves turn into beautiful shades of yellow, orange & red.  The local farms' fields are filled with pumpkins and every store you go into has at least one shelf of candy corn.  Have I mentioned my love of candy corn?  And, while it may be too early to start playing Christmas music (although I'll admit I want to,) it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas.  I can make my Christmas knitting list (which I should have made six months ago but apparently I prefer total panicked pressure knitting.)  I can even start fantasizing about how this will be the year the house gets decorated like something out of a Southern Living magazine and how all of the baking will turn out perfectly without a single smoke alarm going off.   And as long as I'm fantasizing, let's say the candy corn is calorie free this year.

Ah, I love my fantasy life.

Sadly, I'm not living that fantasy life at the moment.  Yes, this is a knitting blog without knitting photos.  That's because my house is so messy & gross there's nowhere to photograph my knitting.  There literally isn't a clean, junk-free space big enough to set Mr. Creepyhead so that I could take pictures of the two hats I finished this week.  Janet, the mannequin, is wearing clothes I haven't gotten around to hanging so she's not available to show off the scarf I finished and the dining room table (where I always lay my blocking mats) is still too covered in junk to block my Allegro sweater.

That's going to change though.  I am going to get this house cleaned up.  Right after I knit another round or two on the cowl I started last night.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday - First Day

In honor of all the kids heading off to college...

Freshman moving-in day at Radford University, September, 1980.  That's me on the left with my arm in a brace & my sister on the right.  It's funny, I don't remember having a single plant in the dorm room.  I do, however, remember how frustrated I was with that arm brace.  I'd torn the muscles in my shoulder playing corner tag (corner tag was taken very seriously at that pool!) and had absolutely no use of my right arm.  I am COMPLETELY right handed.  I can't even wave properly with my left.  I was totally helpless for six weeks.  Not exactly the best way to start off a college career.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Yellow watermelon.

Tastes great, but oh, so wrong.

But since this is supposed to be about my knitting....

Besides that nasty Cash Control bug I caught, I've also been suffering from start-itous lately.  This will be a scarf (or maybe a rectangular shawl depending on attention span & motivation) in thin stripes of various grays, browns & creams.  Since taking this photo, I've knit a few more rows & am loving the effect so far.  It's single rows of color knit in garter stitch.  The colors blend together & it looks like granite.  The  yarn is mostly Knit Pick's Palette with a few other miscellaneous yarns thrown in.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How you spin it

It's all in how you spin it, right?  The last few weeks have been horrendous with one disaster after another.   Not major disasters like level 5 earthquakes or deaths in the family, just little mini disasters.  And I'm choosing to focus on the "mini" factor.  I'm staying positive because it could have been a whole lot worse.  I'm also choosing to document the positive spin so that I'll remember to focus on it rather than throwing myself a(nother) pity party.

Remember the missing camera?  I found it.  Then misplaced it again.  On the positive side, it was found long enough for me to charge the battery so that when I find it again, it will be ready to use.

Remember me getting a new (to me) car?  Someone smashed into it in the employee parking lot & didn't stop to report it.  I can not tell you how angry I am.  I'm not sure who I'm more angry with - the fellow employee who didn't have the guts to admit what they'd done or Security who acted like it was just way too much trouble to write up the report.  But, to look at it positively, my daughter has recently gotten her learner's permit.  If she wrecks the car while learning to drive, oh well.  She won't be the first one to do so.

I found another snake, a teeny, tiny baby one, in the garage.  Google tells me that, based on it's size, it was recently born & there could be nine more just like it somewhere close by.  On the positive side, it was not poisonous & Google also tells me they eat bugs as well as mice.  I'm having a hard time accepting the possibility that there may be nine more bug & mice eating, non-poisonous snakes out there, but at least it wasn't a copperhead.  That's the true positive side of that story.

Our household a/c died but the brother-in-law came to our rescue.  When I got home that night, it was so cold in the house I had to put on a sweater & socks!

I caught the Cash Control Creeping Crud disease that we've been passing around at work.  It's a nasty, nasty bug.  It's the worst possible cold you can imagine times about ten gazillion.  My sinuses were so stopped up & sore I couldn't even put lotion on my face.  Even my teeth ached.  My ears felt like someone was shoving cotton balls into them with an ice pick.  To add to the fun, I kept tipping over because my balance was off from the ear congestion.  I had weird Frankenstein type lumps sticking out of my neck and I used more than two rolls of toilet paper blowing my nose over the course of one day.  (We never have tissues when we need them.)  On the positive side, I had no appetite & lost a pound or two.  I also didn't seem to spread it to anyone else in the family.  Thank you, Jesus!

The house took a direct hit from a bolt of lightening.  The noise was deafening & it felt like the house had been knocked off it's foundation.   On the positive side, we are not deep charred crispy critters.

The a/c is broken.  Again.  Of course, it's also the hottest day of the year.  (Which in itself is weird.  We are having our hottest day in September instead of July or August.)  On the positive side - think of the electricity we are saving by not having the a/c running.

And the biggest positive of all.... The theme park where I work "closed" for the season yesterday.  I say "closed" because it's still open on weekends for special events.  But, I have my weekdays, at least most of them, off now.  Yay!  Freedom!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

ThrowBack Thursday - Key West

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I'm remembering wonderful friends in Key West, better known as Key Waste.  This was the fateful trip where I ended up breaking my back in a wind surfing accident.  It was definitely a fun & eventful trip!

Monday, August 4, 2014

My crazy life

My life is crazy at the moment.  Not a fun & exciting kind of crazy or even the horrible kind of illness-in-the-family kind of crazy.  Just way too many little things going on & feeling pulled in 1,000 different directions kind of crazy.  The summer job's hours are starting to get to me, but as my wonderful boss reminded me, I'll get a day off in September.  (And to cover my a$$, the boss is wonderful  he just has a slight sarcastic streak.)  Meanwhile, the laundry pile is taller than I am, the wood floors are sporting a nice dog hair carpet, I've lost all my interchangeable needle connectors and after finally finding time to go to the grocery store, the $%#@ dog jumped up on the counter & ate all the bread & bakery items while I was putting the canned goods away in the pantry.  Oh, & I seem to have lost the new camera.  I have no idea what I've done with it.  Good grief!

Meanwhile, life is chugging along.  My son who has worn nothing but black for the last 9+ years and refused to wear shoes with the slightest bit of color during those 9+ years took himself shoe shopping recently.  He came home sporting these:

He said he decided to get the brightest & most annoying pair he could find.  I think he succeeded.

All the hours I've been putting in at the summer job have paid off.  We bought a new (used) car (a Nissan Altima) for cash.  Can't show you a picture because, well, the camera is still missing.... but it's the most generic looking car you've ever seen.  Thank God for the temporary tags on it because they are the only way I can find it in the parking lot.  It blends.  But, there's no payment on it and it is a blast to drive.  It's got "pep" as my husband says and I will be very lucky if I don't rack up 50 speeding tickets in the next month.

The daughter, who has vehemently refused to learn to drive, finally got her learner's permit.  She went with me to buy the car and on the way home, in the dark, asked to have her first driving lesson.  OMG!  Talk about a nervous wreck!  The new car  hasn't even seen it's own driveway yet, it's dark & she wants her first driving lesson.  And I won't even go into my control issues....  But, the daughter is asking to drive.  It's a miracle.  So, taking very deep breaths, I pulled into a large, empty Baptist church parking lot.  (The same parking lot where my son "learned" to drive on ice by showing me he had complete control while doing doughnuts all over the lot while avoiding parked cars & light poles.)  I prayed Sarah would have the same skills, took a few more very deep breaths and handed over the keys.  I'm proud to say, she did fine and no Baptists were harmed.

As for knitting progress, there isn't as much as there should be.  The Allegro sweater is coming along.  Slowly.  It does have one and a third sleeve.  The Christmas socks are finished, or at least the knitting part is.  I still have to do that pesky Kitchenering of the toes.  And I've started a secret project that should have been started 9 months ago.  I'm knitting it in the round & it's reached the point where there are too many stitches on the needles & I need to move it to a larger cable.  Of course, I can not find my interchangeable needle connectors.  I have looked everywhere & can not find them.  The only thing I can think of is that the pouch I keep them in somehow fell off the desk & into the trash the last time I had them out.  So, I've ordered more (and enough yarn to bring the purchase up to a level where I get free shipping.  I hate paying shipping!)  Meanwhile, the secret project sits.

I wonder if the cable connectors & the camera have run away together.  Actually, I should look in the camera bag for the connectors.  I know the camera's not there, but maybe the connectors are.  It's probably the only place I haven't looked.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throw Back Thursday- Legs

I used to have legs!  

For those of you wondering, this was taken sometime in the mid 80’s at a Richmond R.A.T.S. rugby game.