Thursday, May 21, 2015

TBT - Hospital Hair

I'm throwing back to 1982.

In traction, May, 1982
May, 1982
Celebrating my 20th birthday in traction with hospital hair was not a lot of fun, but I guess it could have been worse.

broken back, Henrico Doctors Hospital, Richmond, VA, May, 1982
May, 1982
I survived the windsurfing accident, the lengthy hospital stay, the bedpans, and the surgery.  I lived to tell the tale.  And all the cigarette smoke stunted the hanging plant enough that it didn't grow so big it smothered me in my sleep.  Yes, you could smoke in hospitals in the early '80's.  My roommate & I both smoked and all the nurses would come in our room during their cigarette breaks to hang out with us.  I'm a little surprised the air was clear enough to even take a picture because when you're in traction, there isn't much else to do but smoke.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On the needles

Today's OTN project is the Sweet & Simple lace hat I showed you on Sunday.

OTN, simple lace hat, knitting, #todayonmyneedles
On the Needles
As promised, it really is a very simple pattern to knit.  And as usual, I fouled it up.  Sort of.  I didn't exactly read the pattern.  I just skimmed it for the number of stitches to cast on  & the type of ribbing I was supposed to do, then I proceeded to knit.  Turns out, the pattern is written for flat knitting & I'm knitting mine in the round.  It also turns out to be an exceptionally easy pattern to correct for round vs. flat knitting so no major issues there.  Thank you, Knitting Gods.

It also turns out that I'm a lot closer to finishing the hat than I'd realized.  I'd never even read the pattern thoroughly enough to know how many pattern repeats I was supposed to do.  For the purpose of writing this blog post, I took a closer look at the pattern & realized I only have one more four-row repeat before beginning the crown decreases.  Cool!  I just may get this baby finished today.

And you'd think.... four more rows then begin the decreases... simple!  I should have this bad boy done within the hour.  But I'm not holding my breath.  Today's plan was to be super productive and I'm seriously failing the plan.  It's currently 2:23 in the afternoon & I've scratched one thing off my to-do list.  One thing.  One simple thing.  Good grief!

Although I know it's not the real reason, at least not totally, I'm blaming my productivity fail on my daughter.  She got her driver's license recently & today is her first time driving with a friend in the car.  And they are going places she's never been before & she's even more geographically challenged than I am, if that is even possible.  I sort of can't breathe and I'm terrified I'll never see her or my car ever again.  Oh, and did I mention it's getting ready to storm?

Yes, I am totally aware that I'm a psycho helicopter mom.  But she's my baby.  And I'd really like to have my car back.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Hats - Sweet & Simple

It's Sunday so you know that means hats...  And if you know anything about me at all, you know I like anything labeled "simple" so when a recent Ravelry search produced the Sweet & Simple Lace Hat pattern, I knew I'd found the pattern for me.

knitting pattern by Karen Marlatt
Sweet & Simple Lace Hat

A few minutes later, after retyping my Paypal password 50 times before I got it right, (I really should have chosen a simpler password!) I went stash diving for the perfect yarn.

I finally settled on Knit Pick's Hawthorne in the Goddess Kettle Dyed color-way.

fingering weight, kettle dyed yarn in Goddess colorway
Knit Pick's Hawthorne, Goddess Kettle Dyed
Sorry, horrible picture I know, but I'm trying to type this in the three minutes I have before I have to leave for work & I took the photo with my non-smart phone.  But hopefully you get the idea.  In real life, it's a beautiful, deep purple with slight variations in the color.  And I think it will knit up into an even more beautiful version of Sweet & Simple.

knitting pattern found on Ravelry by designer Karen Marlatt
Karen Marlatt's Sweet & Simple Lace Hat
Here's a slightly closer up photo that shows the stitch pattern a little better.  I've only knit a few rounds of the ribbing so far (darn pesky work!) but Karen Marlett, the pattern designer promises the pattern is a simple four row repeat & easily remembered.  Once again, you know how I like simple, easily remembered things....  And I think the Hawthorne will show off the stitch definition perfectly.

And now, my three minutes are up & I'm off to work.  Sadly, it's a beautiful day and the weather is perfect for theme park visiting.  I imagine I'll be busy & won't have a chance to knit on my hat.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

TBT - Daddy's Girl

Today we're throwing back to 1964.

Dad & I, Gloucester Banks, 1964
What can I say?  I was a daddy's girl.  In all honesty, I think I was daddy's girl for two reasons.  First, I drove my mother crazy; and second, my parents were older when they had me and they were beginning to run out of energy.  Dad was just so glad I was a girl & he didn't have to play football with me.

Speaking of my birth....

Today's my birthday.  To celebrate, I'm offering a 50% off coupon code for 3 hours today in my Etsy shop.  Stop by my shop between noon and 3 p.m. EDT, today and use coupon code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" to receive 50% off your total order.  Fifty percent off!  It's almost as good as cake!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's my party

It's my party & I'll cry if I want to....

Hopefully I won't be crying on my birthday tomorrow.  I'm not THAT old.  Although some days I do feel my age.  But tomorrow won't be one of them.

Instead of crying, I'll be celebrating.  I'm throwing myself a Jeannie Gray Knits birthday party and you're invited!  Tomorrow, from noon to 3 p.m., EDT, I'll be offering a coupon for 50% off your entire order from my Etsy shop.  Just use coupon code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" to receive your discount.  Mark your calendar and set your alarm because the offer only stands during those three hours.

Another reason I won't be crying...

a birthday present camera bag to hold all my stuff
Nikon Camera Bag
I got an early birthday present.  It's a new camera bag and I'm pretty excited about it.  The one that came with my camera held just the camera and one extra lens.  There wasn't even extra room in it for my phone.  It also screamed "I'm confused.  Am I a camera bag or a very small padded cooler?" This new camera bag screams "I'm rough and rugged and ready to carry anything you want, anywhere you want to go."  Besides having removable padded space to hold the camera and two extra lens, there's also room for a laptop or tablet, my phone, a week's worth of makeup (because you never know when you'll need to freshen up out on the trail) a water bottle (or 2 or 3,) a jacket or sweater, and a smallish knitting project.  And if I only include one knitting project, there's still room left over for the kitchen sink.  You know how I like to be prepared.

Birthdays are so much fun!  Don't forget to come join me for virtual cake & a 50% discount tomorrow between noon & 3 p.m., EDT!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Today on my needles

The Hawthorne scarf is growing, albeit, slowly.

knit scarf or shawl,
Hawthorne Scarf
 The majority of my recent knitting time has been overlapped with email reading time and I don't trust myself to do the 'knit 2 together's' while I read so I haven't spent as much time as I'd have liked on this project.

scarf or shawl available at
Hawthorne Scarf
Although it may be coming along slowly, I'm still happy with the way it's turning out.  I absolutely love the color combination and the shaping is working out as I'd hoped too.  As you can see, one end is currently 'skinny tie' width while the other end is becoming 'shawl' width.

And then there's my 'at work' project.

knit hats for sale at
Striped Hat
This one's pretty boring to knit.  It's plain stockinette in the round, on #US2 needles.  So, yeah.  Lots of knit, knit, knit, over and over and over again.  But that's okay.  All those knit stitches mean I don't have to concentrate so it's super easy to set down & pick back up when work interrupts my knitting.

It also means I can read and knit at the same time.  I'm getting lots of trashy romance novels read while I knit.  I just keep praying that the security cameras are focusing in on the fact that I'm reading while knitting, and not focusing in on what I'm reading.

But about the hat....  Like I said, it's just simple stockinette, round and round and round on US2 needles.  The yarn is Paton Kroy Socks in the Eclipse Stripes colorway.  I'd bought the yarn with the intention of knitting socks, not a hat but .....   I love the colorway so much I'm going to have to buy more so I can knit the intended socks.  Actually, I might order enough to make arm warmers too.  Even though it's quite masculine, I really do love the striping.

And off the needles...

hand knit VCU Rams hat with pompoms
VCU Rams Hat
It's a VCU Rams hat.  In real life, it's not yellow, it's VCU gold.  A year or two ago, I stumbled across Red Heart Team Spirit yarn in local school colors at my neighborhood big box craft store.  Even though it was acrylic and Red Heart, neither of which are my favorites, I bought a few skeins.  Knitting this reminded me how much I dislike knitting with acrylic yarn but I did get to play with my pompom maker, and I used up an entire skein from the stash pile so I guess it's a win.

coupon codes for
On a totally different note.... Thursday is my birthday & I'll be throwing myself a party in the Etsy shop.  Stay tuned for the details.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Hats - Princess Bonnet

It's Sunday Hats day and there's a new princess on the block so I'm sure you know what that means...

Kate and William's baby, Princess Charlotte style bonnet or knit newborn hat
Princess Bonnet by Linda Castles
Wouldn't your little prince or princess look adorable wearing this bonnet? 

The pattern is a Linda Castles design and can be found on Ravelry here.  The bonnet is knit with fingering weight wool and uses short rows for shaping.  Knit in creamy white, the bonnet is quite royal, however you could knit it in traditional pale pink or blue to girl or boy it up.  Or just go crazy with color for the newborn rock stars out there.

Even though I don't have any little princes or princesses coming into my life any time soon, I just may have to knit at least one of these precious bonnets anyway.  Although newborn sized items are fairly quick to knit, it's always nice to have one or two items on hand for emergencies.  You know... Those emergencies like when you know you'll need a baby gift in nine months, yet you wait until 20 minutes before the baby shower to start knitting....

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!