Thursday, August 7, 2014

ThrowBack Thursday - Key West

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I'm remembering wonderful friends in Key West, better known as Key Waste.  This was the fateful trip where I ended up breaking my back in a wind surfing accident.  It was definitely a fun & eventful trip!

Monday, August 4, 2014

My crazy life

My life is crazy at the moment.  Not a fun & exciting kind of crazy or even the horrible kind of illness-in-the-family kind of crazy.  Just way too many little things going on & feeling pulled in 1,000 different directions kind of crazy.  The summer job's hours are starting to get to me, but as my wonderful boss reminded me, I'll get a day off in September.  (And to cover my a$$, the boss is wonderful  he just has a slight sarcastic streak.)  Meanwhile, the laundry pile is taller than I am, the wood floors are sporting a nice dog hair carpet, I've lost all my interchangeable needle connectors and after finally finding time to go to the grocery store, the $%#@ dog jumped up on the counter & ate all the bread & bakery items while I was putting the canned goods away in the pantry.  Oh, & I seem to have lost the new camera.  I have no idea what I've done with it.  Good grief!

Meanwhile, life is chugging along.  My son who has worn nothing but black for the last 9+ years and refused to wear shoes with the slightest bit of color during those 9+ years took himself shoe shopping recently.  He came home sporting these:

He said he decided to get the brightest & most annoying pair he could find.  I think he succeeded.

All the hours I've been putting in at the summer job have paid off.  We bought a new (used) car (a Nissan Altima) for cash.  Can't show you a picture because, well, the camera is still missing.... but it's the most generic looking car you've ever seen.  Thank God for the temporary tags on it because they are the only way I can find it in the parking lot.  It blends.  But, there's no payment on it and it is a blast to drive.  It's got "pep" as my husband says and I will be very lucky if I don't rack up 50 speeding tickets in the next month.

The daughter, who has vehemently refused to learn to drive, finally got her learner's permit.  She went with me to buy the car and on the way home, in the dark, asked to have her first driving lesson.  OMG!  Talk about a nervous wreck!  The new car  hasn't even seen it's own driveway yet, it's dark & she wants her first driving lesson.  And I won't even go into my control issues....  But, the daughter is asking to drive.  It's a miracle.  So, taking very deep breaths, I pulled into a large, empty Baptist church parking lot.  (The same parking lot where my son "learned" to drive on ice by showing me he had complete control while doing doughnuts all over the lot while avoiding parked cars & light poles.)  I prayed Sarah would have the same skills, took a few more very deep breaths and handed over the keys.  I'm proud to say, she did fine and no Baptists were harmed.

As for knitting progress, there isn't as much as there should be.  The Allegro sweater is coming along.  Slowly.  It does have one and a third sleeve.  The Christmas socks are finished, or at least the knitting part is.  I still have to do that pesky Kitchenering of the toes.  And I've started a secret project that should have been started 9 months ago.  I'm knitting it in the round & it's reached the point where there are too many stitches on the needles & I need to move it to a larger cable.  Of course, I can not find my interchangeable needle connectors.  I have looked everywhere & can not find them.  The only thing I can think of is that the pouch I keep them in somehow fell off the desk & into the trash the last time I had them out.  So, I've ordered more (and enough yarn to bring the purchase up to a level where I get free shipping.  I hate paying shipping!)  Meanwhile, the secret project sits.

I wonder if the cable connectors & the camera have run away together.  Actually, I should look in the camera bag for the connectors.  I know the camera's not there, but maybe the connectors are.  It's probably the only place I haven't looked.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throw Back Thursday- Legs

I used to have legs!  

For those of you wondering, this was taken sometime in the mid 80’s at a Richmond R.A.T.S. rugby game.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top 10 Knitting Tools

My favorite, Top-10, can’t-live-without knitting tools are:

10)  Zip-lock bags to contain projects, supplies, yarn...

9)  A Pentel Forte 0.5 mm mechanical pencil.  I don't normally like mechanical pencils, but I love this particular model.

8)  Crochet hook with a microscopic hook on it for beading

7)  A cute, small bag for holding travel &/or sock knitting

6)  Ravelry

5)  Tapered sewing needle

4)  Post-It-Notes for writing notes on as well as using as graph line guides

3)  Yarn bowl

2)  Interchangeable needles  (How did I ever live without these??)

and my number one, all time favorite,

1)  Nail clippers.  Everyone should keep a pair of nail clippers with the little hook & file thing on them in their knitting bag.  Besides the obvious, you can use them to cut yarn, file rough spots on your wooden needles, and in an emergency, you can use the little hooked end thing as a crochet hook or even a cable needle.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

TBT - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Liza.  You will forever be missed.

I'm also wishing America a happy birthday!  I hope everyone has a fun & happy Independence Day. I'll be spending the day at work, assuming hurricane Arthur doesn't cause too much trouble.  One nice thing about working on July 4th will be free front row seating for an awesome fireworks display without the hassle of looking for a parking space.

Since I'm working tomorrow (July 4th,) and Mike will likely be spending the day doing storm damage service calls, we are celebrating today.  Or at least trying to.  Our food may be soggy, but watching Mike try to grill in a pre-hurricane thunderstorm is rather entertaining.

As far as knitting news goes, I haven't made any photo-worthy progress.  I've only completed a few rounds on the Christmas socks.  I've been focusing on the Allegro sweater and am only two rows away from putting the sleeves on stitch holders.  (It's a top down, raglan...)  Once the sleeve stitches are gone, the knitting should go faster.

Once again, I hope you have a wonderful, safe Independence Day!  I'm off to eat soggy barbequed chicken.  It may be wet, but it sure does smell good!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

TBT - The Barbie Jeep

Because yesterday was our 21st anniversary & I'm still all googly eyes for my husband, today's Throwback Thursday picture is spouse related.

Mike's Barbie jeep.  Although it was a total piece of cr@p, I loved that jeep!  Mike traded a canoe for the jeep back in the days of frequent fishing trips to the Outer Banks.  It was plastered with surfing & fishing bumper stickers & the cargo area had been sprayed with that foam insulation stuff so it acted like a huge, gigantic cooler.  The problem was, it barely ran & the floorboards were so rusted out you risked road-burn on your feet.  Sadly, Mike never did take it fishing.  Mostly, the Barbie jeep just took up space in our driveway & eventually, Mike traded it for new seats for  his pickup truck.

In knitting news, well, there's not a whole lot of news.  I finally turned the heel & knit the gusset for  the second Christmas sock.  I haven't had a lot of time to knit on it at work & I started a new at-home project that's getting all my attention.

The new at-home project is Allegro.  I'm not very far into the knitting of it either, but....   Allegro is one of those serendipitous projects that just seemed to fall from the sky when I needed it.  I knew I wanted to knit myself a simple dark blue cardigan but I didn't have a pattern in mind.  I guesstimated how much yarn I'd need & placed my KnitPicks order.  The day after the yarn arrived, an ad for Allegro showed up in my in-box.  It was the perfect pattern!  It was a simple pattern, yet has an interesting cable feature on the back.  The cable draws the sweater inwards at the waist which is also perfect.  (I have wide man-shoulders & I end up looking like I'm wearing a sack sometimes.)  AND, the pattern calls for the exact yarn & yardage I had ordered from KnitPicks.  Now, let's just hope the pattern's yardage requirements are correct.  Keep your fingers crossed!

As you can see, I'm not very far along on the project.  Actually, I'm further along than it looks like.  It's top down, all in one piece so although I've only knit about 8 inches, that's 8 inches on the fronts, back & sleeves.  I'm slightly worried because I've already used 2 full skeins, but again, those 2 skeins knit both fronts, the sleeves & the back.  I'm telling myself I'll have enough yarn & keeping my fingers crossed really, really tightly.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

TBT - the honeymoon is over

It's Throwback Thursday & since our wedding anniversary is only a few days away, I thought I'd celebrate the day with a 21 year old picture of my husband.

Our honeymoon was not your typical honeymoon.  No fantastic trips to Hawaii, Paris or even Niagara Falls for us.  We spent two days at some lake I can't even remember the name of.  Mike fished & I sat in the sun with my toes in the sand.  It was wonderfully relaxing.  Then we drove home & on the way, we stopped & picked up Mike's backhoe & spent the rest of the week clearing the lot his parents had given us for a wedding present.  This picture was taken not long after.

And if you are wondering, the truck's name is Big Red.  She's not quite that shiny these days, but she's still on the road.