Saturday, August 29, 2015

Will it ever end?

Will the Pi shawl bind-off ever end?

knit lace pi shawl, knitting
OTN 08/28/15

So, yeah.  I'm on week four (or is it five?) of the Pi shawl icord bind-off.  There is a faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel though.  I counted the pattern repetitions left to bind off last night & I've got slightly less than 1,200 stitches left.  And that's icord stitches, not stitches on the needle.  I could have probably finished it today if I'd opted not to blog about it.  And if I ignored the mountain of  dirty laundry and was able to talk my daughter into fixing dinner.  In other words, a lot of 'probably won't happen's' would need to happen.  Oh well.  At least I know I'll have something to write about next week.

Meanwhile....  My baby girl had her first-ever first day of school this past week.

Community College.

I suddenly feel very old.  How on earth is it possible that my little-bitty, baby girl is old enough to be going to college?

Sarah's first day of S. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
First Day of School

She must be old enough.  She's old enough to cuss at me for taking her first-ever  First Day of School photo.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let me rephrase that

So, last week's post, written exactly one week ago today, said I'd be binding off the pi shawl for many, many days.  I lied.  I'll be binding it off for many, many weeks apparently.

binding off an Elizabeth Zimmerman lace pi shawl
OTN 08/11/15

First, you'll have to get past the bad, non-smart phone photo.  Not only am I in pi bind-off Hell, my computer is taking it's last breath and photo editing is just more than it can handle.

Anyway....  All that fabric over there on the right of the needles has been bound off.  All those squished up, tight against each other stitches, on a 24 inch needle I might add, are yet to be bound off.  Like I said, it will be weeks of binding off.  Many, many weeks.

So, why don't I just quit my life consuming "part time" 80+ hours a week, summer job & stay home and knit?  Because then I'd miss out on fun things like this:

things people write or draw on money

I have an odd fascination with the things people write & draw on money.  One of these days, I'm going to photograph it all, create a coffee table book of defaced money & become gloriously rich.  But first, I have to go bind off a few gazillion more stitches on that damned pi shawl.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A perfect day

I'm enjoying a much needed day off today and it has been perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  It may not sound like an exciting day off to most of you, but to me, the day has been pure bliss.

 My workmates thought I was joking about going to Walmart at 4:00 a.m. to stock up on junk food in preparation for the day, but I wasn't.

I slept until almost 2:00 p.m.

I started my day with a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a new (to me at least) Paul Walker movie.    The movie itself was not the best, but the scenery (Paul Walker driving a car for 99.9% of the movie) was delicious.

By 4:30, I was into the chips & dip.

Dinner will be a plate of raw vegetables because, as much as I've been craving a junk food filled pity party style day for myself, I am also craving vegetables.  There aren't very many vegetables on the menu at the theme park where I work, nor do the gas stations have many (i.e. any) options at 4 a.m. when I leave work.  I can't even remember the last time I had anything green.  I am looking forward to my vegetable dinner as much as I was looking forward to those Krispy Kremes.

To ensure my body doesn't go into shock from an entire plate of vegetables, there will be Oreo's for desert.

Meanwhile, between making myself ill with fat grams & diabetic comas, I've been knitting on the never ending pi shawl.

I am SO freaking excited!  I have finally started the i-cord bindoff.  It will take me many, many days off to finish it, but at least there is visible progress being made now.

And last but not least, I stumbled across this picture I took of a weird little cloud I saw on the way in to work the other day.

It was just one lonely, weirdly round, little cloud.  It reminded me of a little kids' innocent drawing.  But it also made me think it may have been an alien space craft masquerading as an innocent little cloud.  What do you think?  An innocent little cloud or alien camouflage?