Thursday, June 23, 2022


It's going to be a very long summer.  It's not even the end of June and I've already got a fairly bad case of fall fever.

It's all Sarah's fault.  She found the Pumpkin Patch sweater pattern online and ....  

I was a little frustrated at first because I assumed she was buying it off Ravelry.  She knows I practically live there.  But she bought it from somewhere else.  Riply or Ribbly or I don't remember.  That pattern was fine, or it would have been if she was the one knitting it.  The problem was, it came to her computer as a direct download and she wasn't able to print it or forward it to me.  I would have had to take her computer to access the pattern.  So I re-bought it from Ravelery.  

It was worth repurchasing the pattern though because the moment Sarah first showed me a photo of the sweater, I ordered the yarn for both hers and for one for myself.  We get to have mother-daughter sweaters!   Sarah is absolutely mortified!  

Our sweaters will have different background colors.   Sarah's is dark green and mine will be a rusty brown.  She's also pretty excited that I'm making progress on hers and not Too terribly worried about the mother-daughter thing.  She knows me well and knows (or thinks she knows) that I probably won't get around to knitting the second one for me. 

I'm knitting the sweaters with Brava from Knit Picks.  Here in Virginia, fall is still generally too warm for wool and as acrylics go, I really like Brava.  And, I was able to save 20% off my order because I took advantage of the Build Your Own Value Pack deal they have going.  The Build Your Own deal runs through December 31 and I have the feeling I'm going to be taking advantage of it more than once!

Friday, June 3, 2022


 Have you tried Knit Picks' new yarn, Heatherly?

I'm knitting with "Butter" and it's wonderful.  The yarn is mostly acrylic but looks and feels more like cotton.  There's none of that shininess that acrylics so often have and the yarn is incredibly soft.  The knitted fabric feels like my old, favorite pair of jeans.  It has great stitch definition and, ahem, handles frogging and being reknit mutliple times quite well.  And, it comes in both worsted and DK weights.

I am finding the yarn to be a tiny bit splitty but that could be because I'm using very sharp needles and reading while I knit.  That may have something to do with all the frogging I've had to do too.  Despite my troubles, I can't wait to add all the other colors of this line to my stash.  

And yes, I am once again knitting pool-side.  I'm so glad we fiinally got the pool open again.

I'm not the only one who likes to float!