Friday, March 3, 2023

As Promised

As promised, I present...

The Pumpkin Sweater.

The pattern was great.  Well written and fun to knit.

The problems came in with my knitting.  Or more like, my decision not to fix the knitting problems as they occurred.

Whoever invented the saying, "That'll block right out." should be shot.  Botched increase rows and major gauge issues rarely block out.

I ended up with a slight 'ruffle' running down the back due to the botched increase rows.  I kept being a stitch short when I got to the end of the increase rows so I'd just throw an extra one in... and it caused a ruffle effect.  My solution is to never cut my hair and always wear it down whenever I wear the sweater.  Problem solved.

The other issue is the sleeves.  They feel like I'm wearing compression sleeves.  Very, very tight compression sleeves.  

I used the same size dpn on the sleeves as the circular needle I used for the body.  Same manufacturer, needles made from the same material.  But for some reason, the sleeve gauge is WAY tighter than the body's gauge.  I noticed the gauge difference after only knitting an inch or two of the first sleeve but rather than do something about it, I decided it would block right out.


But that's okay because I get to try again.  This sweater was for my daughter but after this one had so many problems, I promised I'd knit her another one and keep this one for myself.  So lucky you!  You get to watch Pumpkin Sweater #2 being knit sometime in the (hopefully) not too distant future.


  1. Even with its problems, it looks great! I think now you know exactly what to do to have version 2 come out exactly as you want, too.

  2. It's beautiful! What a lovely pattern.
    I hear you with the boo boos. All the sweaters I have on the needles right now promise to be a train wreck of one kind or another.