Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Hats - 1 Hour Infant Cap

Today's hat pattern is one of my own creations and it's so quick and simple, I hesitate to call it a creation.  I should also warn you that if you decide to knit one yourself, the pattern has not yet been tested.  I literally came up with the idea, designed the hat, knit it and photographed it yesterday while watching an 87 minute movie on Netflix.  That alone should give you an idea of how quick & simple this hat is to knit.

You will need worsted weight yarn and a needles that give you a gauge of 4 stitches to the inch & 6 rows to an inch.  (I used a US 7 needle, but I knit very loosely.)

Using the long-tail method, cast on 30 stitches and slipping the first stitch of each row,

Row 1:  Knit
Row 2:  Purl
Row 3 -5: Knit
Row 6: Purl
Repeat rows 3 - 6 seven times.  You should then have almost 5 inches of fabric.
Knit 2 more rows
Split the stitches in half so that you have 15 stitches on two needles, fold the fabric in half and using a third needle, Knit a 3 needle bind-off.  Break yarn.

Using a crochet hook (I used a G/6,) and additional yarn, chain 25 stitches, attach chain to the bottom of the face edge and single crochet around face opening.  Chain an additional 25 stitches, break yarn & tie off.

Weave in the loose ends and presto, magic!  You have an infant hat in less than an hour.

And of course, you could use i-cord instead of the crocheted chain, fancy up the tassels any way you want and/or use a contrasting color for the ties and around the face.

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